Claire Stibbe

Crime Thriller Author

Series Locales

All of the Detective Temeke books are set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Below are examples of the scenes mentioned in the books.
  1. Looking north toward Santa Fe
    Looking north toward Santa Fe
    The road taken by Detective Temeke to apprehend Ole Eriksen in The 9th Hour
  2. Ole Eriksen's cabin
    Ole Eriksen's cabin
    One of the three cabins mentioned in the first and final scenes of The 9th Hour
  3. Anasazi Cliff Dwellings
    Anasazi Cliff Dwellings
    One of the many places Ramsey and Adam hide out from the police
  4. Sandia Mountains
    Sandia Mountains
    The beautiful Sandia Mountains as seen from the crest looking down on Albuquerque.
  5. My Little Casita
    My Little Casita
    Every author's essential writing cave. This is my den where all the Temeke books have been created.
  6. Past Rites
    Past Rites
    The avenue of trees leading to Los Poblanos Academy, the school Alice and Lily attended.
  7. Past Rites
    Past Rites
    The Delgado House on the West Side of Albuquerque
  8. BCSO Sheriff's Academy
    BCSO Sheriff's Academy
    In the helicopter for a fly-along outside Sabrava Substation in the Northeast Heights
​Albuquerque Police Department
A great place to work.
Views of Albuquerque and Northwest Area Command
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Albuquerque Police Academy Cadet Class of 110th
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